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El Dorado County Fairgrounds Open Schooling Shows

Youth Sportsmanship Award Winner
2014 Youth Sportsmanship Award Winner
Jacklyn Baker-Cannedy

Fall Series 2015 Dates

Sunday February 8
8:00 am
High Point Standings
Sunday March 15
8:00 am
High Point Standings
Sunday April 12
8:00 am
Sunday May 17
8:00 am

Click Here for Spring Flyer, Revised Class Sheet and Entry & Liability Waiver

High Point Awards presented in each division at end of the Series

High Point Divisions

Location: 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville

ARENA is Covered, Shows will not be canceled due to Rain.
A portion of the arena will be used for warm up and a staging area during show.

Pre- Register Postmarked by Monday, prior to show or hand delivered to fair office by Wednesday, prior to show.

California Department of Food and Agriculture requires a Drug testing fee of $5 per horse.

CSHA Rules are followed as a guideline with EXCEPTIONS:
Stallions are not to be shown or handled by anyone under 18.
Any aged horse may use a snaffle bit in these schooling shows.
Correct attire is preferred!
Schooling Show Management decisions will supercede all rules with CSHA.

Award categories are:

Trail, Youth
Trail, Open
Western, Open
Western, Youth
English, Open
English, Youth
Ranch Horse Versatility

High Point prizes will be awarded in all categories.  The type of prize awarded depends on Division sponsorship and number of entries.  (Note: We are ALWAYS in need of High Point Sponsors!)

Points are awarded as follows:

One point per horse in the class with a maximum of 5 points to 1st place.

               5 points                1st place, 5+ horses in the class

               4 points                2nd place, 5+ horses in the class

               3 points                3rd place, 5+ horses in the class

               2 points                4th place, 5+ horses in the class

               1 point                 5th place, 5+ horses in the class

Points will be awarded in the same manner if there are fewer horses in the class. (i.e. 2nd place out of 4 horses will receive 3 points, etc.)  1 horse in the class, 1 point will be awarded (if horse/rider does not DQ during class).  Points awarded to the Exhibitor, not Exhibitor/Horse; with the exception of Ranch Horse Versatility classes where points are awarded to one horse/rider combination.

Youth Riders are eligible to compete in Youth classes and Open classes.  However, only the highest points earned will be used in High Point configuration.  Example: a youth competes in a Youth class and wins 1st place out of 3 entries (3 points); then competes in the Open version of that same class and places 2nd out of 5 entries (4 points).  The Open points would count toward the Youth High Point Award, not the points earned in the Youth class.

Novice exhibitors may compete in Novice and Open classes with only one set of points counted towards High Point Awards.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by whoever has the greater number of class wins.  In the event a Novice award is sponsored, only Novice classes will count towards that award.

Novice rider/horse has not won more than 3 (three) Blue Ribbons in that event.  Green Horse:  1st and 2nd year showing.

Exhibitor must participate in at least 2 (two) shows to qualify for a High Point Award.

High Point winners will be determined at the conclusion of the Series.